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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Facial Bone Contouring SurgerySanghoon Park
2018Facing the Challenges in Structural EngineeringHugo Rodrigues; Amr Elnashai; Gian Michele Calvi
2018Factive, Contra-factive and Non-factive Modality ExpressionsHo, Van Han
2018Factor XHarry Lehmann
2019Factors Affecting Brand Identification: The Case of Green Skin Pomelo ProductTran, Nha Ghi; Vu, Van Dong
2019Factors Affecting Changing Jobs of the Labors in Sales in Ho Chi Minh CityTran, Phi Hoang; Nguyen, Thi Thanh Huong; Nguyen, Thi Hong Hanh; Nguyen, Thi Anh Thu
2022Factors affecting EFL teachers' English for specific purposes: A case study at Ba Ria Vung Tau College of Technology: Master of TESOLTran, Quoc Thao (GVHD); Phạm, Thị Nhân
2019Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Bank Credit Officers in Vung Tau CityTran, Nha Ghi
2022Factors affecting learning engagement for task-based language learning of Non-English majored students at Ba Ria Vung Tau University: Master of TESOLTran, Quoc Thao (GVHD); Vu, Thi Minh Tam
2021Factors affecting Non-English major students' motivation to learn English at Ba Ria - Vung Tau University (BVU): Master of TESOLLe, Hoang Dung (GVHD); Vu, Thi Thu Trinh
2022Factors affecting speaking skills on primary students at Binh Minh School in Vung Tau city: Master of TESOL ;Pham, Huu Duc (GVHD); Nguyen, Dao Thi Mai Trinh
2021Factors Affecting the Decision to Choose a Loan Bank for Individual Customers at Samcombank - Vung TauNguyen, Thi Phuong Anh
2021Factors affecting the intercultural communicative competence development of EFL students at Bui Thi Xuan High School: Master of TESOLTrần, Quốc Thao (GVHD); Vong, Phan Ha
2019Factors Affecting the Satisfaction of Customers in Bidv Vung Tau Branch BankNguyen, Thi Phuong Anh; Vu, Van Dong
2018Factors Affecting the Service Quality in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Tourism Destination, VietnamTran, Phi Hoang; Nguyen, Thi Hong Hanh; Nguyen, Dai Duong
2019Factors Affecting the Work Motivation of Employees at Viettel Corporation, Ba Ria Vung Tau ProvinceLe, Si Tri; Tran, Nha Ghi; Ngo, Thi Tuyet
2019Factors affecting to the decision to use shopee’s online shopping service: A research in Ho Chi Minh CityTran, Phi Hoang; Chau, Vu Nhu Ngoc; Nguyen, Thi Anh Hoa; Ngo, Thi Tuyet
2020Factors developing Logistics skills of students at Ba Ria-Vung Tau University, Viet NamDo, Thanh Phong
2018Factors Promoting the Active Participation of Customers in the Training ServiceTran, Phi Hoang; Huynh, Kim Quy; Nguyen, Minh Thuy; Nguyen, Dai Duong
11/2015Factual and Non-Factual ExpressionHồ, Văn Hận