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Title: Webster's new world hacker dictionary
Authors: H Schell, Bernadette
Martin, Clemens
Keywords: Computer security -- Dictionaries.
Bảo mật máy tính -- Từ điển.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Wiley Pub
Abstract: "Cyberspace has a language all its own. Understanding it is vital if you're concerned about Internet security, national security, or even personal security. As recent events have proven, you don't have to own a computer to be the victim of cybercrime - crackers have accessed information in the records of large, respected organizations, institutions, and even the military." "This unique book provides a chronology of hacker-related developments beginning with the advent of the computer and continuing through current events in what is identified as today's Fear of a Cyber-Apocalypse Era. An appendix entitled "How Do Hackers Break into Computers?" details some of the ways crackers access and steal information."--Jacket.
Description: 419 pages
ISBN: 9780470047521
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