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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Jamaican Women and the World WarsDalea Bean
2018James Edward MeadeDavid Reisman
2018Japan's Foreign Policy MakingKarol Zakowski; Beata Bochorodycz; Marcin Socha
2018Japan's Population ImplosionYoichi Funabashi
2018Japanese Advance into the Pacific OceanAkitoshi Hiraoka
2008Japanese Elementary I: Grammar Explanation (Lesson 1 – Lesson 10)-
2008Japanese Elementary I: New words (Lesson 1 – Lesson 10)-
2003Japanese for hotel staff: CD-
2018Japanese Imperialism: Politics and Sport in East AsiaJ.A. Mangan; Peter Horton; Tianwei Ren; Gwang Ok
2018Japanese Language and Soft Power in AsiaKayoko Hashimoto
2003Japanese particle workbookKamiya, Taeko
2011Java Foundations: Introduction to Program Design and Data StructuresLewis, John; DePasquale, Peter; Chase, Joseph
2013Java network programmingHarold, Elliotte Rusty
2004Java Network ProgrammingHaroll, Elliotte Rusty
2012Java Software Solutions: Foundations of Program DesignLewis, John; Loftus, William
2011Java: How to ProgramDeitel, Paul; Deitel, Harvey
2002JET speaking activitiesLambert, Viv; Pelteret, Cheryl
2011Jim's TOEIC Listening Test: CD (1000 Listening Comprehension Practice Test Items for the TOEIC Test)Jim, Lee
2010Job Costing: Managerial and Cost Accounting - eBooks and textbooks from bookboon.comWalther, Larry M.; Skousen, Christopher J.
2018John Adams and the Constitutional History of the Medieval British EmpireJames Muldoon