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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Religious Faith of the ChineseXinping Zhuo
2018Religious Renewal in France, 1789-1870Roger Price
2015Remodeling Reality: Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and the Modern Worldview - eBooks and textbooks from bookboon.comCorwin, Mike
2018Remote Sensing GeologyRavi P. Gupta
2018Renewable Energy and the EnvironmentMd. Rabiul Islam; Naruttam Kumar Roy; Saifur Rahman
2006Renewable Energy ResourcesTwidell, John; Weir, Tony
2018Reoperative Parathyroid SurgeryRalph P. Tufano; Phillip K. Pellitteri
2018Report of the Workshop Predictive Theoretical, Computational and Experimental Approaches for Additive Manufacturing (WAM 2016)Xu Guo; Gengdong Cheng; Wing-Kam Liu
2010Reporting Techniques: In Support of Managerial Decision Making - eBooks and textbooks from bookboon.comWalther, Larry M.; Skousen, Christopher J.
2018Reproductive Dilemmas in Metro ManilaChristianne F. Collantes
2018Republican Orators from Eisenhower to TrumpAndrew S. Crines; Sophia Hatzisavvidou
2018Research Advances in the Mathematical Education of Pre-service Elementary TeachersGabriel J. Stylianides; Keiko Hino
2018Research Ethics in the Digital AgeFarina Madita Dobrick; Jana Fischer; Lutz M. Hagen
4/2017Research factors affecting the organization of cost management accounting: A case of the enterprises of mining, processing and trading constructions in the southern regionNguyen, Thi Duc Loan
2018Research in Security Sector Reform PolicyAndrea Edoardo Varisco
2018Research on Chemical Mechanical Polishing Mechanism of Novel Diffusion Barrier Ru for Cu InterconnectJie Cheng
2018Research on the Radiation Effects and Compact Model of SiGe HBTYabin Sun
2018Research on Translator and Interpreter TrainingJackie Xiu Yan; Jun Pan; Honghua Wang
2018Research, Ethics and Risk in the Authoritarian FieldMarlies Glasius; Meta de Lange; Jos Bartman; Emanuela Dalmasso; Aofei Lv; Adele Del Sordi; Marcus Michaelsen; Kris Ruijgrok
2018Researching Emotions in International RelationsMaéva Clément; Eric Sangar