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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986A practical English grammarThomson, Audrey Jean; Martinet, Agnes
1986A dictionary of psychotherapySkinner, Sue Walrond
1988Conversation gambits : Real English conversation practicesKeller, Eric; Warner, Sylvia Taba
1988Dictionary of word roots and combining forms : Compiled from the Greek, Latin, and other languages, with special referenBorror, Donald J
1989A practical english grammar : exercises 1Thomson, Audrey Jean; Martinet, Agnes
1989Grammar in useMurphy, Raymond; Altman, Roann
1989Luật Báo chíViệt Nam. Quốc hội
1989Exercises on idiomsSeidl, Jennifer
1989English idioms : exercises on idiomsSeidl, Jennifer
1989Webster's dictionary of English usage.-
1990Spotlight on BritainSheerin, Susan; Seath, Jonathan; White, Gillian
1990Listening to spoken EnglishBrown, Gillian
1990Longman English grammar practiceAlexander, Louis George
1990Metaphorically speaking : a dictionary of 3,800 picturesque idiomatic expressionsEdwin Renton, Nicholas
1990Meaning and Grammar : An Introduction to SemanticsChierchia, Gennaro.; McConnell-Ginet, Sally.
1990The 7 Habits of highly effective peopleCovey, Stephen R.
1991Từ điển Hóa học Anh - ViệtNguyễn, Trọng Biểu
1991Discourse analysis for language teachersMcCarthy, Michael
1991The Handbook of Good EnglishJohnson, Edward D.
1991English Grammar 3rd EditionEhrlich, Eugene; Murphy, Daniel